How to brew your perfect cup of coffee

For millions of people around the world, drinking coffee is a regular part of their lives. At breakfast, in between refueling or really sit down and enjoy … These coffee breaks often mean (unconsciously) small moments of happiness during which one really appreciates the taste. Yet for many it is still a search for his or her delicious cup of coffee. Because what is an ‘ordinary’ good cup of coffee?

In the coming blogs many topics will be discussed, but let’s start with – why not – the best known variety: filter coffee. Also called ground coffee, slow coffee and sometimes confused with filter coffee.

“There’s no arguing about taste, but a few principles can be helpful in developing one’s own taste and (choice of) brewing methods.”

What exactly is ground coffee?

Technically, filter coffee is: coffee prepared by pouring hot water on ground coffee beans and collected through a paper filter in a jug. Filter coffee thus refers to a technique or brewing method. The water finds its path naturally downward and, during its contact with the coffee, releases the aromas, flavors and color. (This is also called extraction.) And just in the combination of these elements lies the secret of what is different for everyone and leads to the perfect cup of coffee.

When making coffee, there are only a limited number of components and actions, but they directly affect each other. Hence, a basic coffee knowledge is useful during the search for the fairest cup of coffee.

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