The genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda occurred and ended only 26 years ago. 250,000- 500,000 women and girls, but also an unidentified number of men and boys, in this tragical period were victims to genocidal sexual violence. Rwanda today, is one of the 5 most developed countries in Africa, according to statistics from the National Tourism Journal. The development of Rwanda is also due to the large percentage of women who are in the government. Women make up for more than 60% of parliament members. Talk about women empowerment! We, Bèkske Coffee, want to contribute to this empowerment in entrepreneurship as well. By selling the coffee that women have cultivated on their own land, we try to achieve five Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations: ending poverty (SDG 1), ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing (SDG 3), gender equality and women empowerment (SDG 5), valuable work and economic growth (SDG 8) and, finally, sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12). Our coffee is powered by the hands of resilience.

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The coffee beans are 100% Arabica bourbon beans. Bèkske coffee is infused with a blend of chocolate, honey, and vanilla: it has an elegant soft, flowery and fruity touch. Furthermore, it should be noted that Bèkske is among one of the 5% for best quality coffee in the world: in other words ‘specialty coffee’. Sip on that! You can contribute to empowering our women, who receive for each kilo sold €1 + 25% of shares in profit. Therefore, with every cup you drink, you too become a part of our family, a part of successful entrepreneurship.

Enthousiastic? Take a subscription on our 1 kg coffee bags (beans or grained – light, medium or dark roast) every 2-6 weeks or every month, whatever suites you best:

By Lucy Wen, Abigail Vloet and Shima Mutaganzwa (outreaching students Ilab Bèkske, Tilburg University)