Unlike many (in fact, almost all) other coffee brands that we have researched, we return a great deal of the proceeds to the local entrepreneurs in Rwanda, including ‘our’ women. Namely 39%. That’s 3 to 4 times more than is customary for other coffee brands. On top of that, ‘our’ women also share 25% of the profit.

How does it look like exactly?
In concrete terms, for our 75 women, this means that they receive an extra €1.00 per kilo (on top of the nationally determined $0.26 per kilo). On top of that, another 25% of the profit goes to them because they share in the profit. Finally, they are directly empowered through, among other things, the training they receive from our partner organization Solace Ministries on the sustainable and responsible cultivation of the coffee trees. For this, Het Bèkske has reserved €1.80 per kilo. These elements are separate from all the other women who benefit from the sale of the Bèkske in other parts of the production process (including at the washing station where we also buy the coffee).

By communicating openly about how “our women” share in the profits of the Bèkske, we not only stand for delicious specialty coffee, but also fair coffee. Transparency about the revenue/profit distribution is important to us.

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