What a great way to…

Empowering your co-workers

Especially for everyone: our 3 roasts are available at (home)office. By drinking Bèkske coffee, you empower not only your employees, but also ‘our’ coffee growers in Rwanda! Let us know how you’d like it offered, we’ll arrange it for you!

Bekse specialty coffee - Empowering women in Rwanda

Easy and convenient

Compose your own package or let your co-workers choose? Score credits with this specialty coffee, either as a single item or in combination with original items from ‘the collections’. Or even sign up for a subscription.

Explore! Find out how easy it is to empower.

Couldn’t find the right fit? Send us a mail, we’d love to work out your perfect combination.

Just taste them

Taste them all and discover your favorite brewing. No matter which roast you taste, they all come from the same arabica bean. Rwanda, country of origin, the height of the plantations, the way the cherries are picked, the climate and the harvesting season all influence the exquisite taste.

Specialty coffee at work

Fruity light roast

€7,50 – €24,95

Balanced medium roast

€7,50 – €24,95

Specialty coffee at work

Intense dark roast

€7,50 – €24,95