Bèkske coffee is a project from Foundation Mukomeze, which focuses on supporting female survivors of sexual violence during the genocide in Rwanda. But this Bèkske project focuses even more on empowering women.

How do we do that exactly?

Rwanda has set a price for every kilo of beans, going back to the locals. That’s nice, but with 26 cents it represents only a small part of the total price.

Bèkske coffee chooses to buy coffee through local partner Solace Ministries, whereby 8.23 euros per kilo goes to support and guidance of  the local population and the women in the program. That makes  52% of the total amount!

But even that makes not enough impact. Bèkske coffee goes for concrete action. 25% of the profit goes directly to the women on the back of your very own pouch. This amount makes it possible for her to provide for her livelihood, to buy the much-needed school supplies for her children or to give them any chance of schooling.

Taste the Bèkske!

The aim of the coffee project was to import the coffee from Rwanda to Tilburg at the beginning of 2018, 500 kg. And we have done that too! With this quantity, entrepreneurs and consumers in the Netherlands, starting in Tilburg, can be provided with coffee for sale. In Rwanda, where the coffee is cultivated (in the south of the country) and also partially sold, it provides a view of the future for about 80 female entrepreneurs.

In total, some 115 people-especially women-in Rwanda are directly supported by this project in their entrepreneurship. Indirectly, we reach some 1225 people, including the children of women in Rwanda.

During 2017/2018, we try to achieve our goal with unified forces; A trajectory of falling and standing. Together with all the partners in this project, we learn real life which involves entrepreneurship, marketing and perseverance!

Buy “het Bekske”

Support us and the women in their quest for economic autonomy. Stand up for a nice Bèkske, it tastes even more delicious from now on!