The story of Bèkske coffee starts with the Mukomeze Foundation, chance encounters, dedication and perseverance. These are the milestones these events have led to so far

Het Bèkske: Tilburgs-Rwandese specialty coffee

may 2008

Rwanda, land of a 1000 hills

It began with Mukomeze, founded to improve the circumstances of the lives of women and girls who survived different forms of sexual violence during the Rwandan genocide of 1994.. The aim of Mukomeze is to empower these women by promoting their economic autonomy and increasing their self-confidence.

sept 2016

Mukomeze pitches in Tilburg

Mukomeze wins the pitch ‘A world to win’, a platform of the municipality of Tilburg. This enables the financial start of the coffee project ‘A Tilburg-Rwandan Bèkske‘ in 2017 in cooperation with a number of partners.

Goal: Empowering women in Rwanda and Tilburg through the cultivation and sale of coffee. A learning process for everyone involved!

nov 2016

+Fontys Hogeschool

Students make a first start with this project and start a market research on the sales potential in Tilburg. They set up the Facebook account for Bèkske coffee and find a roaster in Vught willing to roast the beans.

dec/jan 2017

+Coffee roaster

Coffee roaster Pure Flavor in Vught is willing to roast the beans and prepare the pouches of 1kg and 500g, filter or whole beans. Also the rest of the handeling will be done on this spot.

feb 2017

Market analysis and marketing

Mukomeze and Luan, are investigating for the ‘right’ price of Bèkske coffee. Finding an importer and preparing the story behind the coffee is almost finished. The label on the pouches and the website are getting their final touch.

Meanwhile, a number of Skype conversations between the Netherlands (Mukomeze and Fontys) and Rwanda take place.

feb 2017

Solace Ministries

Our local partner empowers women through micro loans, advice and practical support for more and better coffee production in Kabagari community in South Rwanda. Coffee production is grown in the regions Nyanza, Muyira, Rusatira, Ntongwe and Mugina.

april 2017

+De Rooi Pannen

20 Students experience real life what entrepreneurship and marketing entails with the start of Bèkske. When investigating the Tilburg sales market, they think about how to position the coffee. They discuss about this with our partner organisation in Rwanda.

Kings day in Tilburg!

We have the honour of offering Bèkske coffee to the royal couple! No less than 2 pouches of Bèkske coffee are handed over, 1 to Prince Maurits and 1 to the king himself.

may 2017

Women’s Business Center Brabant

The Women’s Business Center Brabant approaches female entrepreneurs in Tilburg to buy and or sell Bèkske coffee..

juli 2017

Coffee washing station

The coffee beans are washed in the washing station of Nyamurinda coffee growers. Here the beans are also subjected to a thorough quality control.

oct 2017

1st shipment of Bèkske coffee beans!

The first 500 kg are embarked for transport towards the Netherlands and are at destination half December.

jan 2018

Start of the first roast!

The first shipment of our green coffee beans are roasted at Pure Flavor in Vught, ready to be  packed and labelled, fulfilling the first orders.

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1 feb 2018

Tilburg drinks a ‘Bèkske’ from Rwanda

Councillor Mario Jacobs received the first pouch of beans, he opens officially the Bèkske sales. Nearly 500 kilos will be sold in the coming months.

feb 2018

+Tilburg University

A new group of students participating in the Outreaching honors programme of Tilburg University is committed to actively approaching companies that are interested in Bèkske coffee. The strategy is getting more and more tangeable in pitch and sales plan.

may 2018

Mama Lambert visiting the Netherlands

Mama Lambert, front woman and counsellor of the Rwandan women comes to the Netherlands and gets to know the Dutch partners and learns about the coffee project here.

june 2018

The Netherlands go Rwandan

Tilburg University students go to Rwanda to meet the women in real life, to visit the coffee plantations and find out about the process of Bèkske coffee from seed to cup. A once in a lifetime opportunity for each party to raise this project to a higher level.

june 2018

Coffee shop in Rwanda

In Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, Isano Business Center start a coffee shop where the coffee is sold and drunk.. 5 young women of Solace Ministry form the backbone.

rwandan coffee, specialty coffee, empowerment, best coffee, good coffee, genocide,
rwandan coffee, specialty coffee, empowerment, best coffee, good coffee, genocide,
Bèkske, rwandan coffee, specialty coffee