The best quality

Did you know that the vast majority of coffees consist of ‘mélanges’? A French word, with which means that the coffee consists of a mix of often a whole collection of beans, coming even from different countries.

However, Bèkske coffee respects the nature of coffee beans. Like wine, the taste of coffee varies from region to region. Like the quality. This has to do with the height at which the coffee grows. Coffee of higher lying areas – the arabica – is more complex in taste and therefore also more effective and more expensive.

This is the reason why Bèkske coffee contains 100% Arabica beans. Simple coffee – the robusta – grows on lower heights and has a different price. In addition, the gradation and the area where the coffee comes has it influences.

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Rwanda, at the heart of the coffee belt

There are only a few regions where coffee beans grow. A number of prerequisites are the altitude, temperature and humidity. These regions are known as the coffee belt, where Rwanda is right in the middle!
Did you know that 25% of coffee drinkers really taste the difference in flavours and are actively looking for the specialty coffees? And that number is growing even more. Coffee from Rwanda is with reason one of the better export products!

rwandan coffee, specialty coffee, empowerment, best coffee, good coffee,

The way to your Bèkske coffee

Arabica berries grow from at least 1200 meters altitude. The coffee berries are carefully and selectively hand-picked, washed, dried and peeled. Only the red ripe berries grow out to be the best green coffee beans. These green beans are approved for fragrance, aroma and taste, after which they are collected in bales of approximately 60 kg for transport towards the roaster in Vught.

All coffee varieties are roasted in a traditional way at Fort Isabella, a small place near Den Bosch in the Netherlands. In quantities of about 1 kg and according to the traditional method, where the coffee is slowly roasted in a rotating drum at a temperature of approx. 205 º C. Once cooled, the roasted beans are packaged. Another Bèkske order is ready to empower both the coffee lover as the coffee grower!

Just taste it yourself

There’s really only one way to get the best out of Bèkske coffee, and that’s just ordering. That way you can not only enjoy the best coffee, your Bèkske coffee tastes extra tasty, knowing that the women and all the locals who are part of the process directly benefit from it.

1 kg beans

1 kg filter coffee

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500 g filter coffee