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This combination is comprised out of 500g specialty coffee (beans or grained / light, medium or dark roast) and a beautiful handmade Rwandan basket bowl. The bowl is made by a Rwandan genocide survivor. Normal prize: €33,95 / As a combination for: €29,95.

Please indicate your basket preference – if any – on the checkout page in the notes. Although we try to respect your choice, each basket is unique and patterns or colours may differ from the picture. We try to accommodate your wishes as best as we can.

Bekske specialty coffee - Empowering women in Rwanda


More information

Bèkske coffee is specialty coffee en is part of the world’s finest coffees.

Land: Rwanda
Producer and region: Nyamurinda Coffee Growers uit Nyamagabe District (zuid Rwanda)
Class and processing: Full washed, grade A1 (85+); wet processing
Type: 100%! arabica bourbon
Altitude: 1800-2000m
Harvest: 2019
Screen: 15+

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Profile and recommended brewing methods

Flavor profile: by nature, Bèkske beans have a mix of honey, chocolate, vanilla, fruit and floral flavors. Depending on the roast, Bèkske is fruity (light roast), (slightly) sour (medium roast) or bitter (dark roast).

Bekske specialty coffee - Empowering women in Rwanda

Brewing advice: we recommend these brewing methods with our roasts:

Light roast: automatic, filter machine, pour-over, chemex, cafetière
Medium roast: automated, filter machine, pour-over, Chemex, cafetière, espresso, cups, pads
Dark roast: machine, espresso, cups, pads, latte

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