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Real chocolate is made with care: artisanal, 100% organic, zero waste and sustainable. All ingredients of our luxury products are of top quality and contain a hint of coffee. Cacao – just like Bèkske coffee – is a natural product. You can taste the region and the circumstances under which cocoa beans grow in the chocolate. That’s called terroir. It”s also why this real chocolate has different taste tones.

Our milk chocolate comes from cocoa beans from the Virunga region, the area at the crossroads of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The area is threatened by ongoing deforestation due to illegal logging and encroaching small-scale agriculture. By planting cocoa, land is restored and deforestation reduced. This keeps the ‘Virunga National Park’ intact and the last habitat of the mountain gorillas protected.

The mild dark chocolate is made from cocoa from Peru. This organic and Fairtrade cocoa is grown by the Awajun along the banks of the Cenepa River and the Rio Santiago in the Amazon rainforest.

The milk chocolate and dark chocolate are purchased from Chocolatemakers and Marbon Chocolate Events further processes them using traditional methods. Both makers are carefully selected by us because they too contribute to our mission of socio-economic empowerment of the Rwandan female Bèkske coffee entrepreneurs. The toppings of the chocolate cubes can be varied (coffee beans or hearts).

The dark chocolate is 100% gluten-free | Solar-powered | Vegan | Bio Fairtrade dark chocolate | Zero waste & plastic-free
Ingredients: 62% cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin). At least 65% cocoa solids. May contain milk and traces of nuts.
Milk chocolate is 100% Gluten free | Solar powered | 100% organic chocolate | Zero waste & plastic free
Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder. At least 54% cocoa solids. May contain traces of nuts.


More information

Bèkske coffee is specialty coffee en is part of the world’s finest coffees.

Land: Rwanda
Producer and region: Nyamurinda Coffee Growers uit Nyamagabe District (zuid Rwanda)
Class and processing: Full washed, grade A1 (85+); wet processing
Type: 100%! arabica bourbon
Altitude: 1800-2000m
Harvest: 2019
Screen: 15+

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Profile and recommended brewing methods

Flavor profile: by nature, Bèkske beans have a mix of honey, chocolate, vanilla, fruit and floral flavors. Depending on the roast, Bèkske is fruity (light roast), (slightly) sour (medium roast) or bitter (dark roast).

Bekske specialty coffee - Empowering women in Rwanda

Brewing advice: we recommend these brewing methods with our roasts:

Light roast: automatic, filter machine, pour-over, chemex, cafetière
Medium roast: automated, filter machine, pour-over, Chemex, cafetière, espresso, cups, pads
Dark roast: machine, espresso, cups, pads, latte

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