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Bekske specialty coffee - Empowering women in Rwanda

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    How can I order?2021-02-19T09:22:32+01:00

    Visit the order page and select your choice.

    You can place one or more orders once or take out a Bèkske coffee subscription.

    You can also create your own account. This is useful if you want to place more orders with us. If you choose to subscribe, an account will automatically be created for you during the ordering process.

    Once you log in under ‘my account’, you will find an overview of your previous orders or (current) subscriptions. You can also easily adjust, switch or stop your subscription here.

    Can I create a coffee subscription?2021-02-19T09:23:09+01:00

    Yes you can. Visit the order page and choose your delicious Bèkske. Select the weight (250, 500, 750, 1000 grams), grind type (beans or filter coffee), and roast type (light, medium, dark). Then click on ‘Subscription’ and choose the frequency at which you want to receive your coffee each time (choice of: every two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, six weeks or every month). Place your order in the shopping basket and checkout.

    You will see that if you take out a Bèkske coffee subscription, an account is automatically created for you during the ordering process. You will be notified of this by email.

    If you log in under ‘my account’ you will see an overview of your (current) subscription(s). Here you can also easily adjust, pause or stop your subscription.

    What is the advantage of a Bèkske coffee subscription?2021-02-19T09:23:21+01:00

    A big advantage is of course that every month (or as often as you like) you get your (h)honest Bèkske delivered to your home. Delicious, honest coffee, for which you don’t have to stay at home, because the coffee fits in your mailbox (up to 750 grams). The shipping costs are a lot lower, because the packaging is made to fit through the letterbox. And to accommodate you, we give you some extra discount on the subscriptions, but of course without cutting “our women” any slack. Because you regularly order your Bèkske, there is also more to benefit the women in Rwanda. A win-win situation.

    How do I know which weight to choose?2021-02-19T09:23:36+01:00

    We count with an average of 6-8 grams of coffee per cup. Per day, on average, between 3 and 5 cups of coffee are consumed per person in the Netherlands.

    In other words, if your household (don’t forget to count your love and other coffee lovers) drinks about 4-5 cups per day, we advise you to use 1 kilo per month! (7 grams x 5 Bèkskes x 30 days = 1050 grams)
    3-4 cups a day: 750 grams per month!
    With 2 cups a day: 500 grams per month!
    With 1 cup a day: 250 grams per month!

    A handy tool to check how much you drink at home or at the office!

    What is the difference between light, medium and dark roast?2021-02-19T09:44:41+01:00

    Bèkske coffee is available in light roast (roasted at 195 degrees), medium roast (roasted at 202 degrees) and dark roast (roasted at 208 degrees). The Bèkske originally has a balanced sweetness, from aroma to aftertaste, with a mix of honey, chocolate, vanilla, fruit and flowers.

    With light roast, the aroma of the coffee is fruity and it has a subtle flavor. Very suitable for filter coffee.

    In medium roast, the aftertaste is slightly stronger than in light roast, with a slightly sour aftertaste.

    The dark roast has a bitter but full flavor. Dark roast is often used for espressos, lattes and cappuccinos.

    If you don’t know yet which roast suits you best, we advise you to try the light or medium roast first.

    How can I change my subscription?2021-02-19T09:47:20+01:00

    Would you like to change the weight or type of roast or grind? Then log in under your user profile (‘My Account’) and then simply remove the product from your shopping basket – found under the ‘Subscriptions’ tab. Then add the desired product again by re-ordering the product in subscription form. And because you are already logged in, your details are already filled in for you.

    I am trying to place an order online but I cannot complete it. What should I do?2021-03-16T22:05:39+01:00

    If you receive an error message when placing an order, please contact us at [email protected] or call during office hours at +31 (0) 6 46 27 60 67.


    What is specialty coffee?2021-02-19T10:16:10+01:00

    Coffee that scores 80 points or more out of 100 according to the Coffee Review scale is labeled as specialty coffee. In addition to the selective hand-picking of the ripened beans, size, color, moisture content and acidity, there are a number of other criteria that must be met according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). A maximum of 5 “defects” per 350gr may be found to be labeled as specialty coffee. Within the category of specialty coffee there is a further subdivision. Coffee with a score of 90-100 is assessed as excellent, coffee with a score of 85-89.99 is assessed as excellent, while coffee with a score of 80-84.99 is assessed as particularly good. Het Bèkske scores around 87 points, officially making it an excellent coffee! Only 5% of export coffees worldwide can meet these standards.

    Find out more on our ‘Specialty coffee‘ page.

    How long can coffee be stored?2021-03-16T22:02:20+01:00

    The coffee bags (pouches) are hermetically sealed to contain the flavours of the coffee. This means you can keep the coffee for at least 2 years after the roasting date. The roasting date is stated on the label of each pack. Note: according to many coffee authorities, coffee (when sealed) has an infinite shelf life and the THT date does not even need to be stated on the packaging.


    How can I create an account?2021-02-19T09:49:24+01:00

    You can create an account via ‘my account’ at the top right of the screen (top right next to ‘contact’).

    Creating an account has advantages. For example, through your account you can view your recent order(s), manage your receipt and billing addresses, view your invoices, and edit your password and account details.

    When ordering a subscription, an account is automatically created for you because we need your information to send you the coffee.

    Do you have a suggestion?2021-02-19T09:54:02+01:00

    If so, please let us know!!! Since we are still a young organization, we are very much open to improvements. Call, email, or app us at [email protected] or +31 (0)6-46 27 60 67.


    Can I provide a different delivery address?2021-05-23T21:29:41+01:00

    With each order, the delivery and billing address can be specified differently. If you would like an order to be delivered to multiple addresses, we recommend that you place separate orders.

    I need an invoice for my order. Where can I find one?2021-03-16T21:51:33+01:00

    You can find all your recent purchases under the tab ‘Orders’ when logging in to the website via ‘My account’. This is where you will find a detailed overview, including the products and order details. Click on the desired order and download the corresponding invoice.

    If you have a subscription and these orders are automatically renewed, you will also receive the invoice in your e-mail inbox each time. If you order our coffee once, you will also receive the invoice as an attachment in your e-mail as soon as it is posted (this is the second e-mail you receive from us; the first e-mail is a confirmation of your order).

    What is the delivery time for my order?2021-03-16T22:10:05+01:00

    We aim to offer all orders placed on working days before noon 12:00 for shipment on the same day. In general, DHL promises delivery within the next working day, but certainly within 2 working days. Since DHL works with ‘track and trace’, you can easily follow the status of your shipment via the link you will receive from DHL in your mailbox.

    How much are delivery costs and why do I have to pay them?2021-03-16T21:39:47+01:00

    Sending parcels does involve costs. For regular orders within the Netherlands, Bèkske uses the official rates of DHL for home delivery, being €3,95 (letterbox package), €5,75 (package up to 10 kg), and €8,75 (package up to 20 kg). If you choose to pick up your order at a DHL service point, the costs are €4,50.

    Do you deliver outside the Netherlands?2021-03-16T21:46:52+01:00

    Yes, we do! As with deliveries in the Netherlands, the international shipping costs will be listed separately and charged during checkout. Please contact us if you want to ship abroad and your country is not in the list. Together we will look for the best shipping rates.

    Who delivers my order?2021-02-19T10:08:04+01:00

    We are working with DHL for the Netherlands and DPD for all other countries. Would you like more information about the delivery of your order (date and time)? Please click on the ‘track and trace’ link you received in your shipping confirmation e-mail.


    How is your impact model so different?2021-02-19T09:52:27+01:00

    Unlike many (in fact, almost all) other coffee brands that we have researched, we return a great deal of the proceeds to the local entrepreneurs in Rwanda, including ‘our’ women. Namely 39%. That’s 3 to 4 times more than is customary for other coffee brands. On top of that, ‘our’ women also share 25% of the profit.

    How does it look like exactly?
    In concrete terms, for our 75 women, this means that they receive an extra €1.00 per kilo (on top of the nationally determined $0.26 per kilo). On top of that, another 25% of the profit goes to them because they share in the profit. Finally, they are directly empowered through, among other things, the training they receive from our partner organization Solace Ministries on the sustainable and responsible cultivation of the coffee trees. For this, Het Bèkske has reserved €1.80 per kilo. These elements are separate from all the other women who benefit from the sale of the Bèkske in other parts of the production process (including at the washing station where we also buy the coffee).

    By communicating openly about how “our women” share in the profits of the Bèkske, we not only stand for delicious specialty coffee, but also fair coffee. Transparency about the revenue/profit distribution is important to us.

    Read more about our fair coffee and transparent way of working.

    What are the SDGs and how does Bèkske coffee contribute?2021-02-19T09:57:07+01:00

    Het Bèkske contributes to at least five Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) of the United Nations, namely:

    – ending poverty (SDG 1);
    – good health & well-being (SDG 3);
    – gender equality & women’s empowerment (SDG 5);
    – decent work and economic growth (SDG 8); and
    – sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12).

    Countries have committed to achieving major improvements in all these areas by 2030. The Bèkske would also like to contribute to this. See more about the SDGs on our page about fair coffee.

    Why doesn’t Bèkske choose a different (more sustainable) material than aluminum for the coffee bags?2021-02-19T10:26:53+01:00

    Bèkske is still developing: also in terms of choosing sustainable materials. We have chosen to focus first on our women: to sell as much coffee as possible so that they have a living wage as soon as possible. The next step is to replace more sustainable packaging materials with as many positive effects on our impact model as possible. Please note that the shelf life of the coffee does often require the use of aluminum.

    Read more about our ideas on sustainability and how to improve them further here.

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